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The clearest way to your information is through Teneda’s Data Management Solution

Business Insight and Information Management

Information that is clean can be trusted and can be used to drive effective business insight and direction. Teneda’s analytics engine lets you ensure your data is clean and consistent, and more importantly turn your information into knowledge that strengthens your relationship with your clients and partners.

Application Management

Turn your application transactions:

  • Into renewable relationships with your clients
  • Into a renewable relationship with your partners
  • Into multi-credit relationships
  • Where you are able to see the total value of your most valuable relationships

Recruit and retain your agents with the Teneda platform

With Teneda, you now have the visibility you need to track against your forecast. As a result, spend less time managing what happened and now spend more time planning what you should be doing to drive a successful business. More Importantly, providing this insight to your agents and partners, will allow them to self manage their business activities so you don’t have to do it for them.

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Communication Management

We ensure your communication to your clients and partners is trusted. Out of Teneda we use industry best practices when you’re communicating using;

  • SMS
  • Email – one time communication
  • Automated campaign management
  • Document exchange

Relationship Management

We understand that your relationships do no stop with your clients. Just as important are your relationships with your partners and your vendors and most importantly how you can manage the value of your partner relationships with respect to the value of your client relationships

Take back control of your business

Create your business forecast for yourself or for your entire business and track how your actual’s are tracking against your plan. As a result, spend less time analyzing what should have happened and spend more time on what should happen. Providing visibility back to your team and inside partners, gives them insight into their own success metrics and freeing up your time in tracking their results.

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